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Children's Acupuncture - Shonishin

Shonishin is a special form of children's acupuncture from Japan, where it is widely practiced. Needles are used but they are rarely inserted. If there is any insertion then great care is taken not to cause pain or discomfort, and to make the treatment an enjoyable experience.

Children respond very quickly to acupuncture treatment and need very little stimulation to help reinstate health. There are two aspects to the treatment process. Firstly a 'root' or general treatment is given that involves stroking and tapping along certain meridians or channels, and areas of the body - mainly on legs, arms back and chest - and then some further treatment is given to address the specific symptoms. Parents or carers can be taught the general root treatment and help their child to recover more quickly.

Any health complaint can potentially be helped with shonishin but it is not an alternative to conventional medical care or diagnosis. 
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