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Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia

Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia are all potential signs that the nervous symptom is not functioning properly.These are arguably not 'diseases' per se but conditions that all humans may be prone to if the nervous system is for some reason not functioning well. Being unable to get a good night’s sleep, which can be part of the symptom configuration of anxiety and depression states, has many repercussions on a person’s mental and emotional wellbeing, and can be very distressing if the problem persists. It is interesting to note that from a Chinese medical perspective, different patterns of sleeplessness indicate different root causes. For example, if a person’s fire energy is out of balance, it will make getting off to sleep initially harder, whilst restless waking might be the wood element out of balance.

Body therapies such as acupuncture (and craniosacral therapy) do not use a 'top down' approach of working through the person's mind to affect change, as psychological and cognitive behavioural interventions do. Instead these therapies involve a 'bottom up' approach, working through the person's physiology to effect change.

Through working together with the patient, I try to help people to better regulate their nervous system and symptoms such as insomnia or states of anxiety and depression can, if the treatment is successful, potentially can be alleviated.

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