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Five Element Acupuncture

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Most patients are not aware of the fact that there are may different styles and methods of acupuncture - but this system of healing has been around for more than 2500 years and it has developed in different ways.

Jack Worsley, who developed the 'Five Element' system was a pioneer of acupuncture in the UK. During the 70s and 80s he taught hundreds of students at his reknowned college at Leamington Spa, and colleges in Maryland, and subsequently, Florida, USA. He was an impressive and charismatic healer, able to grasp the core issue of disharmony within a patient very quickly. His system relies on identification of constitutional 'factors' - which shape and form a person's responses to every aspect life. Each person has a constitutional factor and the practitioner's challenge is to identify what it is and support it in the right way - at the right level of mind, body or spirit. Before the constitutional factor is worked on the 'major blocks' to a person achieving optimum health must be dealt with with special energetic 'clearing' treatments - these are, in essence a method of energetic cleansing or 'detox'.

The advantage of Five Element acupuncture is that it reaches to a very deep level within the person, and stabilises their inner resources. This is especially useful if a person has been through shock, trauma, bereavement, relationship difficulties or other circumstances that stress the system beyond its capacity to cope effectively. Symptoms might be problems sleeping, obsessive thoughts, feelings of anger or despair and numbness - that won't go away no matter how much a person tries to get themselves back on track. However, a person does not have to be in serious trouble with their health to feel benefits from acupuncture, or even have troublesome symptoms. Like other forms of energetic healing, acupuncture is simply about reinstating and connecting individuals to their 'health' so that they feel good - relaxed, able to cope with pressure and more content with life. 

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